Public procurement: “Bird study for ELWIND” – repeated procurement

ELWIND is a joint Estonian-Latvian state-run cross-border hybrid offshore wind project. All the procurements are done jointly, unless legally required to pursue with country-based procurement.

The object of the public contract is the conduct of the bird study for the Estonian and Latvian offshore wind park project (ELWIND). 

The bird study consists of two separate studies:  

1) A baseline study of birds, which objective is to collect data on the birds of the area. 2) A radar study of birds which objective is to collect data on the area’s birds and assess seasonal peculiarities in flight intensity, based on the international standard StUK4.  

The studies will be conducted both in Estonia and Latvia in the scope and areas described in the technical details of the public procurement. 

The deadline for submitting the tender is 11.06.2024, 10a.m. EET 

For further information, please consult the Estonian Procurement Registry here, reference number: 279700.